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When it comes to wearing daily clothing, I cannot understand how one person can be happy wearing an identical item to another. Or is this now an acceptable behaviour? 

But even worse is to arrive at a special event and find two woman wearing identical dresses.  Sacrilege.

We are people, but we are all unique. 

You deserve to stand out. We all deserve that moment. That special moment. 

Stand out in your own way.

Dress great – feel great!



Marisela's perspective on fashion

Fashion is the first impression created.

Fashion is a conversation in a visual form.

It tells people who you are, how your mood is. How you see yourself,  it is the most personal and effective way to express yourself.

People tend to be like sheep, they follow the trends, too afraid to step into the spotlight.  

You might say that the point of being a fashion designer is to create trends, sell clothing.  I am different. I don’t believe in the over crowded commercial chain stores selling hundreds of thousands of the same clothing so everyone can look the same. 

"Why try to be someone else when you can be yourself "

Marisela Veludo

Photoshoots & Fashion Shows

Miss Portugal - South Africa

The contestants of Miss Portugal South Africa were choreographed for the opening act of the ceremony by Marisela Veludo. The contestants performed and walked the ramp wearing the smart casual Azure Impressions collections designed and made by Marisela Veludo. The print was inspired by the Portuguese Azulejos tiles of Portugal.

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Miss Portugal - Azulejos Portugueses - Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer - Collection of smart casual dresses worn by the Miss Portugal contestants. Each dress is made with fabric printed with Azulejos Portugueses

Pink Drive - Breast Cancer Awareness

Marisela choreographed and performed “Breath & Life”. A performance with freeze modelling and dance movements. This was the opening act of the night. All models were wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness. A collection of dresses called U&I. 

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U&I Collection Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer
U & I Collection by Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer-Group Photo On Stage

The Kiss - Angelic Memory

4 pure white dresses created for a modelling dance performance called “The Kiss”. 

Angelic Memory by Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer - A collection of white dresses with red detailing.

Starbright - Every Woman Should Have a Black Dress

Simple, elegant and sexy black dresses worn at a high tea to raise funds for Kitty and Puppy Haven. (A no kill animal shelter). Models walked the ramp with mans best friend by their side. This line of dresses had a “main” dress. Named the midnight dress. The midnight dress received a standing ovation at Soweto Fashion Week in South Africa.

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Midnight Dress -Black dresses by Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer - Starbright

Sand Storm - Fitted Body Suites

5 fitted body suites created for a modelling dance performance called “Remember Me”. 

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Sandstorm Body suits - Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer


Eclectic Dresses inspired by exotic animals. Worn at many fashion shows and photoshoots. 

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